PSC Scholarship Result 2017

PSC Result 2017,PSC Scholarship Result 2017 and EBT Result 2017 will be publishing very soon on December 2017.Every students can check their PSC Exam Result 2017 from official our website. You can check your PSC Exam Result 2017 from this pageHere we have include all the desire information steps by steps. It will provide you extra facilities by reading the content. So, don not waste your valuable time in other side. Just stay with us on here and learn more about the Education Board resultOur team working now for publishing PSC Result for all boards.
PSC Result 2017,PSC Scholarship Result 2017,EBT Result 2017

PSC Result 2017 : PSC Scholarship Result 2017

Here you can also get all board PSC Result 2017 of Bangladesh Primary Education Board. At first see below of all education board.
  • PSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board
  • Sylhet Education Board PSC Results 2017 In Bangladesh
  • Www.Bmeb.Gov.Bd | JDC Result 2017 Madrasha Board
  • Dinajpureducationboard.Gov.Bd PSC Result 2017
  • Comilla Board PSC Exam Result 2017
  • Rajshahi Board PSC Results 2017
  • Chittagong Education Board PSC Result 2017
  • PSC Rejult 2017 Barisal Board Bangladesh
  • Jessore Board PSC Rajult 2017

PSC Exam Result 2017 details information:

The PSC is the Largest Public Exam in Bangladesh Education Board.The student who passing the PSC exam after completing the class eight, attend on the class Nine-Ten. And then complete class Nine ten study. The Student will attend on the PSC exam (Junior Secondary Certificate).That means, the PSC is the 3rd public Exam in Bangladesh Education Board.The PSC Examinee also understood about the Public Exam and its terms and condition.
The PSC examination 2017 Started on the 1st November 2017 and it continued till the …. including the PSC Routine 2017. Generally, the PSC exam 2017 controlled and maintenance by the “Chairman” of Education board Bangladesh. There are 10 Education board available in BD.Eight education board is general Education Board and a Madrasah Education Board and a technical Education Board. The activity and process of all Education Board is different.
Here we have described about the All available Education board name, Website Address, PSC Exam result 2017 BD Publish date and some other activity about the BD PSC Result. Just read the below data and gain more instant.

PSC Result 2017 publishing date in Bangladesh:

Do you know the PSC Result 2017 Publish date? Now a day, it is the most popular and common question asks by the people anywhere. But, you are lucky here to get more information about this. All the available information about PSC Result 2017 is still on a single post on here in our website. We already informed you that, the PSC Exam 2017 Started on 1st November 2017 and completed on 9th May 2017. Now it is very important and necessary to know the PSC Examination result 2017 Publishing date of every student.  PSC Result will publish on 23rd July 2017.
Generally, Education Board made rules that all public Board Exam result in Bangladesh will publish after the 90 days of Exam or the 60 days after completing last writing Exam. You can check PSC Result 2017 from here
How to get PSC Result 2017 from the Internet
After publishing the PSC Result 2017.You will able to collect your result instant from the Internet of official website of Bangladesh education board. The current session is the time of internet.So, you can easily collect your result from the Internet/Online. It is also important to know that, if you have any Internet Activated device. you can also collect the PSC Exam Result 2017 from this device easily from anywhere any board for free.
If you want to collect your PSC Result from the Internet, just require to visit 1st the Bangladesh Education Board Result Archive. Do you know the Address or link of Education board BD Result portal? If, get it now. 1st login the then follow the instructions and guideline of this website.
Check Easy Internet Process below to get your result
When log in, you will look a window where available some important categories. You need to select all the categories from the drop down menu. And also require entering information on the blank box. First you must need to select Education type. Click on the drop down menu and select PSC/Dakhil/Equivalent. Then select the PSC Exam or passing year from the drop down menu. Then chose the Education Board name from the Drop down menu then enter the Roll number of the blank box. Now Type Your Exam Registration number. Then enter the security code on the blank box and then submit the info to get your Result .
Then after some second later you will show your result on the same window. You maybe also able to get the full mark sheet by the same system after 04:00 PM on the same days when the PSC Result publishes. You may also check your PSC Examination Result 2017 from the internet by visiting the official website of your Education Board. Suppose, you are a PSC Examinee of Dinajpur Education Board, Just visit to the Dinajpur Board official Education board and collect your PSC Result.

See The Full Process To Get PSC Result 2017 Online:
To get all education board PSC Result 2017 from online, see details below.
At first login “Official Education Board Website”.
Then select “PSC/Dakhil/Equivalent exam” on this option.
And then select “2017” on this year or another exam year.
Then select “Education Board” on education board option”.
After type six digits “Roll number” your roll number of Board Exam.
Then type your registration number here> [It is new option]
Fill the “Capche code” do it must be careful.
Now click on “Submit” button for PSC Result 2017.
How to collect PSC Result 2017 from Mobile SMS?
It is another popular query of PSC Results 2017 Collection. Anyone can easily collect their own friends and family person’s PSC Result within a simple process. Just  you need a mobile. The people who situated so far from the Internet can follow this way to get your PSC Result. 1st Recharge your Mobile Account and keep sufficient balance to start the process (2.50+ Taka).
Go to the message option of the desire Mobile phone you keep ready for sending Message for your PSC Result BD 2017. The type PSC<space>Thana Code<space>the 6 Digit PSC Roll Number which received by the Education Board<space>Enter the PSC Passing Year. Then send the message to 16222 numbers. Then you will receive a feedback SMS with your original name and GPA. Please send the Message only After Published the PSC Result by Education Board (After 02:00 PM). Every successful SMS, you will be charge 2.50+ TK (With VAT + SD + SC).
Example for PSC Result 2017 by sms:
Type PSC <–Space–> Thana Code <–Space–> 123456 <–Space–> 2017 and send to 16222 this number.
Example: PSC DIN 123456 2017 → Send to 16222
[Note: DIN is the first three letters of Dinajpur Education Board]
If you use “Teletalk” sim card to get your result from mobile sms,So you can get your result very fast. Because this mobile sms result system is “Powered By Teletalk”.
Check All Education Board PSC Result 2017 by mobile sms
PSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Board: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number
PSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number
Barisal Board PSC Results 2017: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 numbr
Chittagong Board PSC Exam Result 2017: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number
Sylhet Board PSC Result 2017: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number
Rajshai Board PSC Exam Result 2017: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number
Jessore Board PSC Result 2017: PSC Thana Code 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Madrasha Board PSC Result 2017: EBT Thana Code 3456 2017 and send to 16222 number
How to get the PSC Result 2017 Android Apps?
You can collect your PSC result 2017 by the Android Apps. This method is only applicable for the Smart phone users. If you have an Android Smart phone, you are able to follow these conditions to collect your result easily. The Process of PSC Exam Result 2017 collection by the Android Apps (Smart phone users) is very easy like the PSC Result  Collection process via the Online Internet.
If you don’t have an Android Apps pre-installed on your Smart phone, Just Visit the Google Play store and install the BD Result Apps (Powered by Teletalk Bangladesh limited). After successful Installation, just follow the instruction of How to get PSC Result from the Internet and try yourself. We hope that you can easily collect your PSC Result 2017 BD with this process.
In Conclucion:
In addition no more words need to tell you about this post. We hope you successfully understood and gain our PSC Result 2017 content. Thanks for staying with us. Do you have any problem to get your result, so contact with us using comment box below. Good Luck!!


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